Long, long ago Steven worked as a software engineer and performed various technical functions such as systems administrator, database administrator, and even rolled out physical network infrastructure. Looking for a new direction he then entered the world of business analysis, culminating with CBAP® designation in 2014. For many years he has worked in Agile circles in numerous capacities, and currently enjoys leading teams, coaching, training, and consulting.



Steven is a volunteer organiser for the Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking Conference in Melbourne, Australia (LAST). In 2017 he organised for Dr Peter Senge and the "Godfather of Lean" Norman Bodek to speak as "LAST rock stars"; Norman has also appeared at LAST in Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra. In 2018 he organised for Professor Henry Mintzberg to speak in Melbourne and Sydney. From September 2017 he established #LASTgeneration events for family-friendly networking in Melbourne.



For almost a decade Steven trained and performed in improvisational theatre (with a little bit of clown training thrown in). He has trained with the likes of Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Gary Schwartz, Randy Dixon, John Bolton, and Bernard Salva. Performing credits include Theatresports® (AU, CA), Die Nasty! (CA), Chimprov (CA), Gorilla Theatre (AU), Micetro (AU), Melbourne International Comedy Festival (AU), Amsterdam International Improv Festival (NL), and collaborations with Art & Shock (KZ).



One of the joys of his life is music, playing piano, guitar, and bass guitar - though truthfully quite poorly. His passion for music has led him to adventures in Japan, Europe and North America and is directly supportive of artists that inspires. He helped record Cathedral's last ever headline show, a benefit show by Damnation A.D., and a rare appearance by Black Manta at the Maryland Doom Fest.