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Hi, welcome to my web site. I'm an Enterprise Metaphysician.

What's an Enterprise Metaphysician?

That's me. I work with others to get the most out of people, teams, and organisations. I take from whatever discipline I know that is appropriate for the context I am faced with.

- I'm a Lean advocate, but don't simply copy Toyota; there are other ways to be successful
- I'm an Agile guy, but recognise there's a lot of "Agile" rubbish floating about
- I'm a Systems Thinking fan, but know at times you have to work within less than ideal situations
- I'm a dreamer, but also a pragmatist
- I'm a scholar, but sometimes a fool

Where did the term come from?

Del Close was a seminal teacher of improvisational theatre and comedy in the 20th century. When he worked on the television show Saturday Night Live he was credited as House Metaphysician.

I like the term because of its etymology while at the same time poking fun at job titles. People are capable of much more than what position they are ascribed to.



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