LEAn Consulting

Lean is a natural bedfellow for Steven. In particular, the elimination of waste and respect for people are aspects integrated into his daily life. As a student and protege of the "Godfather of Lean" Norman Bodek he seeks to identify appropriate methods and thinking from Japanese manufacturing titans, and apply them in appropriate contexts. Offerings include:

  • Process and value stream analysis

  • Definition of standard operations

  • Recommended changes to current state processes

  • Education and training

  • Content development

AGILE Consulting

There is a lot said and written about Agile. What matters is behaviour and action. Steven has extensive practical experience Agile circles leading teams as part of digital and enterprise transformations. Offerings include:

  • Enterprise transformation

  • Agile coaching

  • Agile delivery leadership

  • Facilitation

  • Education and training

  • Content development



Drawing upon both professional and theatre experience, Steven strives to provide a complete experience for trainees. Offerings include:

  • Harada Method training

  • Agile Mind, Agile Body training (culture and mindset)

  • Lean and Agile training

  • Business analysis training


With almost a decade experience in business analysis capacities, Steven has a raft of practical experience. If you're looking to introduce or improve business analysis capabilities then he is the man for you!



Steven is a regular speaker at conferences and industry events.

He also provides in-house presentations and has spoken at companies such as NBN, AGL, MLC, Aconex and more.

I certified Steve as a Harada Method coach and he has demonstrated his ability to teach it.
— Norman Bodek, "Godfather of Lean" and co-author of The Harada Method