Agile Mind, Agile Body

Organisational agility doesn't come purely from changing process or structure. It requires a shift in culture and mindset. Agile Mind, Agile Body (AMAB) training supports exactly that. It's not a classroom-style experience - it's an active experience.

what is Agile Mind, Agile Body?

AMAB workshops introduce topics related to behavioural change, consistent with thinking behind Ontological Coaching and the Kolb Learning Cycle. This is done through various games that provide participants with new insights to novel or known topics. Training covers areas such as:

  • Creativity

  • Situational leadership

  • Psychological safety

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Failure, and fear of failure

  • Teamwork

If your organisation is seeking to shift its culture to an Agile mindset, then these workshops will assist you on that journey.

How can I get this experience?

Get in touch with Steven for in-house and tailored training.

Upcoming Public Workshops:

  • TBC

Recent Public Workshops:

  • Integral Facilitation Workshop, Melbourne 2018

  • The Great Co-Creation Experiment, Meetup Melbourne 2017

  • The Power of Perception, LAST Conference Sydney 2017

  • The Power of Perception, LAST Conference Melbourne 2017

  • Leadership in Action, LAST Conference Melbourne 2016

  • Kick-Starting Creativity, Meetup Melbourne 2016

  • Emotional Intelligence Primer, Meetup Melbourne 2016

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Why Choose Steven?

Some people understand Agile, but have no background in theatre or behavioural training. Others know how to teach theatre or behavioural training, but lack years in the coal-face of large corporations. Steven has a unique blend of both, and his breadth and depth of knowledge can be applied for the specific needs of organisations.

Feedback from Participants

  • I completely enjoyed the Creativity Workshop. Highly recommended. It's practical and insightful. I gained some useful tools and most importantly the aha moment with the confidence that I can be creative too. -- LP Lin

  • Fun, exciting. I look forward to attending these sessions. They are engaging and different. It's not just sitting at a table and listening to people talk. Steve is friendly, warm, and highly knowledgeable in his fields. He prompts attendees, but gently and in a positive manner. -- Jamison

  • Steve is an excellent facilitator and provides such a great array of tools and activities to deliver the messages behind the workshop. Along with this he takes every effort to ensure everyone in the group is not only engaged, but having fun too! -- Constantine Rongas

  • The session was just fabulous. -- Ram

  • Great activities and Steve is a very good presenter!

  • Very insightful and found it very relaxing.

  • These courses are fantastic. We should encourage all grads to attend. 10/10.

  • I found this session a joy as it is completely different from the standard lecture style sessions.

  • Enjoyed my time and will recommend.

  • Thank you for conducting an engaging and fun session! I learnt a lot which can be used in both day to day and work life.

  • Awesome session! Very interactive and very beneficial. Keep up the good work!

Case Study: Telstra Graduate Program

In 2015, Steven led AMAB training for the I.T. graduate program. They were so well received workshops were conducted for the corporate graduate program in 2016; sessions were held in both Sydney and Melbourne.

  • NPS results for Sydney, 2016: +57.5

  • NPS results for Melbourne, 2016: +50

  • NPS results for 2015: +40

The cohort of university graduates was a wonderful fit given their openness to experience.